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Awards | Grants | Fellowships

Note: This list does not include medals, titles, media, and nonmonetary awards.

2019    One World International Scholarship

  > Issued by the Irving K. Barber Britsh Columbia Scholarship Society

2019    Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Research Travel Funding

2019    Johnson-Whyte Memorial Foundation’s Robert L. Johnson Academic Scholarship 

  > Issued by the International Association for Identification

2019    Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions (CGEU) Conference – TSSU Travel Fund

2019    Graduate International Research Travel Award (GIRTA), School of Criminology


2019    Dean’s Graduate Fellowship for the International Student Research Forum in Odense, Denmark

  > Selected by the SFU Vice-President of Research and International, Dr. Joy Johnson, to present my    research at the 2019 International Student Research Forum.

  1. Award #1: Top-ten recipient selected to represent SFU (includes airfare and travel)

  2. Award #2: Accommodation during the ISFR by the University of Southern Denmark

2019    World Conference on Drowning Prevention Travel Award (declined) - Lifesaving Society, Ontario


2019    SFU Student Community Engagement Competition

  1. Award #1: Burnaby Festival of Learning Award

  2. Award #2: Surrey Engagement Award


2019    Forensic Sciences Foundation, Inc. (FSF) & CRC Press – Top Scoring Recipient

  1. Award #1: FSF & CRC Press Student Travel Grant

  2. Award #2: FSF & CRC Press Book Prize

  3. Award #3: FSF & CRC Press Student Scholarship Award. Complimentary registration for the 2019 American Academy of Forensic Sciences Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, USA


2018    Provost Prize of Distinction, Awarded by the Dean of Graduate Studies​​

> Awarded to outstanding incoming doctoral students.

> Three-year term (2018 – 2021)

2018    Graduate Fellowship (Ph.D.) – Fall Semester 


2018    Canadian Society for Forensic Science (CSFS) Education Award 


2018    Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship, SSHRC 

> Awarded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

> Ranked 8/171 in the national final round (top 42% of finalist were offered awards)

> Three-year term (2018 – 2021)


2018    Dean of Graduate Studies Travel & Minor Research Award


2017 - 2018     Nano-Imaging & Holography Facilities

> In-Kind donation from Dr. Karen Kavanugh that covered costs of training and SEM-EDAX use


2017    School of Criminology Caucus Travel Grant 


2017    Western Research Ethics Conference Funding


2017    3-Minute Thesis: Wild Card Heat 1st Place Winner


2017    3-Minute Thesis: Wild Card Heat People’s Choice Winner 


2017    Graduate Fellowship (MA) – Spring Semester


2017    Travel & Minor Research Award – Spring Semester


2016    Ending Violence Association Conference – TSSU Attendee Grant


2016    Canadian Society for Forensic Science (CSFS) Education Award


2016    Travel & Minor Research Award – Fall Semester 


2016    SFU Graduate Student Society (GSS) Professional Development Grant 


2015    David Suzuki Foundation: Leadership Camp - Howe Sound Grant


2014    Vice-President Research - Undergraduate Student Research Award

2013    Vice-President Research - Undergraduate Student Research Award

2011    SFP!RG ARX Research Project Funding – Spring Semester 


2010    International Mobility Award: Fiji Field School – Summer Semester