Principal Investigator & Field Director for Doctoral Research
Forensic Entomology Laboratory (2018 - Present)
Centre for Forensic Research
  • For my doctoral research, I study human decomposition in aquatic environments, 
    drowning locations across Canada, and body detection in cold climates.
  • I prepare, collect, analyze, and interpret all materials.
  • Provide all training for research assistants and volunteers for related projects.
Laboratory Manager
Forensic Entomology Laboratory (2019 - Present)
Centre for Forensic Research
  • Evidence receiving and processing for active casework.
  • Oversee laboratory operations, safety training, scheduling, chemical inventories, and safety and risk management services for our lab.
  • Supervise research assistants (work-study program) and volunteers.
  • Lead organizer for the Centre for Forensic Research Symposium 2019.
Non-profit Researcher
Technical Working Group Member (2017 - Present)
Canadian Drowning Prevention 
  • Engage in public outreach and research on water safety awareness among 
    New Canadian immigrant communities. 
  • Publication. Contributed research towards the Canadian Drowning
    Prevention Plan (3rd, 4th, and 5th edition).
  • Publication. World Drowning Prevention Conference, Durban, Africa.
    Conference (oral) presentation and published abstract.
Teaching Staff
Sessional Instructor*, Course Supervisor**, Lab instructor/Teaching Assistant
CRIM 101 - Introduction to Criminology**
CRIM 103 - Psychological Explanations of Criminal and Deviant Behaviour
CRIM 220 - Research Methods
CRIM 218 - Special Topics: Forensic Taphonomy and Medicolegal Investigations*
CRIM 330 - Criminal Procedure and Evidence Law
CRIM 355 - Forensic Science I**
CRIM 356 - Forensic Science II
CRIM 402 - Biological Explanations of Crime**

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