Currently pursuing:
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Criminology (Forensic Anthropology)

Master of Arts (MA) 18’ Criminology (Forensic Anthropology)

Bachelor of Arts (BA) 15’ Archaeology (Bioarchaeology and South Pacific Archaeology)

Bachelor of Arts (BA) 11’ Criminology & Anthropology (Double Major)

Principal Investigator & Field Director for Doctoral Research
Forensic Entomology Laboratory (2018 - Present)
Centre for Forensic Research
  • For my doctoral research, I study human decomposition in aquatic environments, 
    drowning locations across Canada, and body detection in cold climates.
  • I prepare, collect, analyze, and interpret all materials.
  • Provide all training for research assistants and volunteers for related projects.
Laboratory Manager
Forensic Entomology Laboratory (2019 - Present)
Centre for Forensic Research
  • Evidence receiving and processing for active casework.
  • Oversee laboratory operations, safety training, scheduling, chemical inventories, and safety and risk management services for our lab.
  • Supervise research assistants (work-study program) and volunteers.
  • Lead organizer for the Centre for Forensic Research Symposium 2019.
Non-profit Researcher
Technical Working Group Member (2017 - Present)
Canadian Drowning Prevention 
  • Engage in public outreach and research on water safety awareness among New Canadian immigrant communities. 
  • Publication. Contributed research towards the Canadian Drowning Prevention Plan (3rd, 4th, and 5th edition).
  • Publication. World Drowning Prevention Conference, Durban, Africa. Conference (oral) presentation and published abstract.
Sessional Instructor*, Course Supervisor**, Lab instructor/Teaching Assistant
CRIM 101 - Introduction to Criminology**
CRIM 103 - Psychological Explanations of Criminal and Deviant Behaviour
CRIM 220 - Research Methods
CRIM 218 - Special Topics: Forensic Taphonomy and Medicolegal Investigations*
CRIM 330 - Criminal Procedure and Evidence Law
CRIM 355 - Forensic Science I**
CRIM 356 - Forensic Science II
CRIM 402 - Biological Explanations of Crime**

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